Summer Series
Thursday Agenda
1.  Prayer
2.  Check on each other
3.  Objective for Thursday is to:
     A.  Share Journal entries on what the Lord has been putting on your heart
     B.  We will also be exploring a book called "All in"  author is Matthew Batterson.  This is a great read for the summer.  You can find it in digital form or paperback or hard bound.  
Looking forward to some good discussion, see you all on Thursday 6am
Read the bible and Journal what you read.
Use this method “STAR” to help you gather your thoughts.
  •  Scripture:  Write down the scriptures or whatever you are reading out of the bible.
  • Thought Conveyed:  Think about it, what did the reading say to you? write it down.
  • Application Made:  Write down, how did what I just read apply to my life?  How can I use this right now in your my life?
  • Response:  How do I respond to what I have read, this can be prayer.  Write down the prayer or what you want to pray about.
  • Remember we should accept God’s word has been given to help us live our life, and we should make it a priority to study His Word and apply it to our life daily. 

weekly assignment