Thursday Agenda
1.  Prayer
2.  Check on each other
3.  Objective for Thursday is to:
     A.  Read John 15 Verses 1-3, be ready to discuss
     A.  Read Abide allegory chapter 1-3
     B.   Finish Session 1 of Enabling in the Manual Together.
Read the bible and Journal what you read.
Use this method “STAR” to help you gather your thoughts.
  •  Scripture:  Write down the scriptures or whatever you are reading out of the bible.
  • Thought Conveyed:  Think about it, what did the reading say to you? write it down.
  • Application Made:  Write down, how did what I just read apply to my life?  How can I use this right now in your my life?
  • Response:  How do I respond to what I have read, this can be prayer.  Write down the prayer or what you want to pray about.
  • Remember we should accept God’s word has been given to help us live our life, and we should make it a priority to study His Word and apply it to our life daily. 

weekly assignment