weekly assignment

Week 9 Assignment
Chapter 19
Read John 15:16
What does the word "Abide" mean?  

In the book we read about Gabe's legacy,
What was significant about Gabe and his connection to the church?

If Gabe wan an essential part of his church, what influence of his do you think remained after his death?
What were Gabe's Principles of Influence?

Chapter 20
The narrator was finally ready to take his spiritual growth seriously by committing to self-feeding on Scripture and to introducing others to Jesus (abiding and inviting)...

In what ways does your life reflect or not reflect this abiding and inviting pattern? What needs to happen for you to grow in this?

The narrator asks as a question, "Where are you in your spiritual journey towards Christ?"
How would you answer that question?

Read the bible and Journal what you read.
  •  Scripture:  Write down the scriptures or whatever you are reading out of the bible.
  • Thought Conveyed:  Think about it, what did the reading say to you? write it down.
  • Application Made:  Write down, how did what I just read apply to my life?  How can I use this right now in your my life?
  • Response:  How do I respond to what I have read, this can be prayer.  Write down the prayer or what you want to pray about.
  • Remember we should accept God’s word has been given to help us live our life, and we should make it a priority to study His Word and apply it to our life daily.